Latest Updates - Maritime Shipping - 03rd January, 2022

Latest Updates - Maritime Shipping - 03rd January, 2022

Latest Updates - Maritime Shipping - 03rd January, 2022

The Port Of Los Angeles Introduces A Fee Charge For Empty Containers

The Port of Los Angeles has planned to start collecting a fee charge for empty container vessels that decide to stay at the port for nine days or longer. This fee charge will be implemented in an attempt to reduce the congestion at the major American ports in the near future. According to the recent reports, the fee is pending approval by the Los Angeles Harbor Commission and will likely come into action from January 30, 2022. Once the policy is implemented, the ocean carriers will be requested to clear a charge of $100 for any empty container that stays on for nine days and the $100 fee will be continued per container per day till the container leaves the terminal.


The Construction Of Pandu Ship Repair Facility To Start Soon In Guwahati

Sarbananda Sonowal, who is well-known as the Union Ports, Shipping, and Waterways Minister, has confirmed that the upcoming construction of the Pandu ship repair facility in Guwahati will begin from May 2022. The government has also announced its plans of finishing the project by the year 2024 as the ship repair facility will prove beneficial in boosting the economy of the region.


IIT Roorkee Sealed A Deal With Inland Waterways Authority Of India For Stabilising The Ganga River Channel

As per the recent development in the maritime arena, IIT Roorkee has signed an MoU with the Inland Waterways Authority of India in order to stabilize the Ganga river navigation channel. IIT Roorkee plans to initiate the Channel Stabilisation (River Training) Works on no less than 17 locations along the river. This initiative will mainly focus on enhancing the navigational facilities on NW-1 with the implementation of eco-friendly strategies. Plus, this project will also play an integral role in the prevention of siltation of shifting of deeper channels.


GAIL India Ltd Focuses On Importing The Country’s First And Largest Electrolyser To Produce Green Hydrogen

GAIL India Ltd has planned to import the first and largest electrolyzer in India that will aim to produce green hydrogen within a year. Plus, the state-owned GAIL might be interested in hiring another vessel for ferrying green hydrogen from the US. The well-established company had introduced a global tender to boost a 10-megawatt electrolyzer that is well-equipped to produce around 4.5 tonnes of hydrogen on a daily basis.


The First All-Electric, Battery-Powered Tanker In The World Has Been Launched In Japan

The launch of the world’s first all-electric, battery-powered tanker at the Japan-based Koa Sangyo Co. Ltd. shipyard has made it to the headlines with its newfangled approach in the maritime industry. The above-mentioned vessel named Asahi was constructed for the Japanese shipping organization, Asahi Tanker Co. Ltd. and will soon start its services in Tokyo Bay as a bunker fuel supply vessel. The battery-powered tanker is 62 meters in length and has an overall tank capacity of 1,280 cubic meters.





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