Latest Updates - Maritime Shipping - 29th November, 2021

Latest Updates - Maritime Shipping - 29th November, 2021

Latest Updates - Maritime Shipping - 29th November, 2021

Two South-Korea Based Firms Are Supervising The Joint Construction Of A Container Factory In Vietnam


Hailing from Korea, Ace Engineering and Seojin Systems have recently collaborated to build a brand-new container factory in Haiphong, Vietnam. The project is all set to launch in the middle of 2022 and is supported by state-run ship finance specialist, that is referred to as the Korea Ocean Business Corporation (KOBC). The container factory is likely to boost an initial output of 4,000 containers on a monthly basis along with the South Korea-based flagship carrier popularly known as HMM.


Indian Shippers Are Switching To Break Bulk Shipping To Explore Unconventional Methods In The Near Future


In the recent news, shippers as well as freight forwarders from India and Bangladesh have collaborated with government logistics leaders, in an attempt to switch over to break bulk shipping and venture out into the unconventional modes of shipping. The government logistics leaders have readily extended their unwavering support for the smooth transition of exploring the newfangled methods, instead of the usual tried-and-tested ones. For instance, Allcargo Logistics from Mumbai has gained a lot of popularity by being the successful parent company of less-than-container-load (LCL) consolidation heavyweight ECU on a global basis. Allcargo Logistics is one of the major freight forwarders that are offering an impressive array of alternatives in the maritime arena.


India’s Basmati Rice Exports Has Witnessed An Applaudable Surge In The Shipments To Iran


Over the years, Iran has been regarded as the largest buyer of the world-famous basmati rice, which is an aromatic and flavoursome Indian rice. Iran had imposed a seasonal ban on its rice imports from the months of July to mid-November owing to the onset of its domestic harvest season, but it is now time to lift the ban and allow the smooth flow of rice trade. Though the basmati exports from India had suffered because of the steep rise in freight rates, as well as the shortage of containers.


MASSA Has Successfully Launched A New Reward Scheme To Provide Benefits To Indian Seafarers


It is a known fact that Indian merchant navy officers are well-trained with high qualifications, and their sharp skills have earned them global recognition. However, if India is concerned about boosting the global share of its seafaring workforce, then the newly introduced reward scheme by MASSA, is especially beneficial to more than 7,500 Indian seafarers, on an annual basis.


The Vega-Class SH Minerva Is Ready To Start Its Journey From The Helsinki Shipyard


SH Minerva is one of the three Vega-class vessels that had been under construction at the Helsinki Shipyard, as requested for the heritage brand under the banner of Swan Hellenic. The brand-new vessel is now prepared to embark on its journey from the top-rated shipyard, and is powered for acting self-sufficient for a span of 40 days or 8,000 nautical miles.




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